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Dental Hygiene & Denturist
Professional Development Firm

Credentials you can count on, experience you can trust!

Credentials you can count on, experience you can trust!

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Welcome to DH Solutions Inc.

We are here to serve the professional needs of Dental Hygienists & Denturists.

Our mandate is to further advance the professions of Dental Hygiene and Denturism and to help Dental Hygienists and Denturists achieve their professional goals through providing quality continuing education courses that offer excellent value for the financial and time investment. Our courses are facilitated by highly credentialed, knowledgeable and experienced Dental Hygiene Educators.

Our mandate is to provide busy Dental Hygiene and Denturism professionals with quality and economical professional development courses.

Our array of curriculum has been designed to enhance Dental Hygiene/Denturism skills, knowledge, use of new technologies and practices, professional competence, career progression, and to advance the profession as a whole.

Our approach to professional development is to promote, prioritize, and support the continuous life-long professional learning that is vital for career management in contemporary Dental Hygiene/Denturism practice in Ontario.

Flexible and easy learning is our priority as we provide continuing education that meets the needs of busy Dental Hygiene & Denturism professionals and supports CDHO/CDO QA professional requirements.

We offer a variety of face to face continuing education courses topics in several convenient locations across Ontario. Additionally we have developed and offer a variety of self-study courses that allows for the “anytime/anywhere” learning that suits professional needs.

As professional researchers, educators, and curriculum writers, we continuously develop a variety of new course offerings that are the most current, and evidence–based possible while meeting the needs of learners. We are more than speakers; we are educators, and we understand and support your professionalism through developing communities of practice and helping you to achieve your professional goals and CQI through our curriculum that is written by Dental Hygienists, for Dental Hygienists.

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2020 - Practical Tips to Perfecting Your Portfolio & Utilizing the NEW AAP Classification in Your Practice Setting

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Portfolio Management Course - Check back in 2 weeks for information.