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Individualized Quality Assurance Management Course – includes one-on-one review to help the candidate perfect his/her portfolio

Note: Alumni Discount of 10% & Rebate of $155 possible for qualified members (Details Below)

This course provides an individualized remedial quality assurance records management course that is customized to meet the needs of the candidate . The course will provide the participant with an overview of strategies to perfect your portfolio prior to submission to the CDHO.  Ten modules will be taught in addition to providing one – on-one review of the candidates’ deficiencies or concerns.  Be ready with your portfolio prior to the submission deadline.  Certificates will be provided to all candidates.
Relax, sit back and learn with Evie and DH Solutions Inc.


  • Section 1 - RHPA 1991 and the quality assurance committee mandate
  • Section II - Self Assessment Requirement Jan. 31st of each year
  • Section III - Learning Goals – how to write S.M.A.R.T goals
  • Section IV - Learning Portfolio- activities for goal and non-goal related learning
  • Section V - Preparing for New Quality Assurance Written Assessment – QA test
    And Review of QA test Blueprint
  • Section VI - Comprehensive Check-up of Your Dental Hygiene Practice
    Record Keeping and IPAC checklist
  • Section VII - Onsite Review
  • Section VIII - Verifying Practice Details
  • Section IX - Helpful tips, do’s and don’ts
  • Section X - Review of Individualized requirements ( one-on-one review and up to two hours provided to assist individual candidates)

Please note: 
Sections I- to IX above may be done in a group setting using the Interactive ZOOM platform to encourage dialogue amongst participants.  Section X will be devoted to one-on-one review of individualized requirements and mentoring.

If you have taken the DH Solutions Inc. course on Perfecting Your Portfolio within the past two years, you will receive $155.00 credit towards this course in a cheque.  The fee for this course is $600.00 plus HST.  Alumni discounts and participation in the Perfecting Your Portfolio course will be deducted from the $600.00 tuition fee. 


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Individualized Quality Assurance Records Management Course 2020-2021

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